June 20, 2024


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Networking and the Trust Factor

Effective and successful networkers have several traits in common. They are respected among their colleagues, they are professional, they follow up and they can be trusted. Trust is considered a fragile thing in the world of business. It is hard to build and easy to tear down. Trust can be achieved instantly or can take a long time to acquire. But once trust is secure, networkers and professionals should try their hardest to maintain and develop it for business and social success.

List below are tips that networkers, professionals and students can use to build their trust with new business counterparts and old friends.

The Name Game

A great way to gain someone’s trust and attention is to remember their name. Names come a dime a dozen but people really pay attention and acknowledge their counterparts who respect them and remember their name. Professionals may have tons of excuses why they have a hard time remembering names. Learn to say the person’s name as often as possible during the initial networking conversation. Ask for a business card so that you can link their name with their face. Also follow up in a timely manner and send out an email or phone call. These are great ways that networkers can remember their business counterpart’s name.

Actions Speak Louder

One of the most embarrassing events could be to link up with a professional, make a promise and not follow through. It is also the quickest way to lose your credibility and trust with that particular person. It is true that actions speak louder than words. Be an individual of your word. Follow through with even the smallest commitment. Keep yourself and others accountable. These are also great ways of showing professionalism.

Be Prepared

While attending networking events and business functions, always come prepared. Arrive on time and have enough business cards. Make sure that you RSVP ahead of time as a form of etiquette. Have a proper handshake and a great 30 second speech for introducing yourself. Ask great networking questions and listen carefully as others speak. Take a genuine interest in your business counterparts and follow up to develop good relationships. These keys will gain you an outstanding amount of trust.