June 19, 2024


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Networking Tips – Saying Thank You

Perhaps you have attended a successful networking event. You made great contacts and were able to follow up and get good business or resources to move forward. Do you ever properly thank the person (s) which assisted you. Sure, we can say: “Thank you” or “Let me know if there is something I can do for you.” or “Your help is greatly appreciated.” But is that all you do and feel that is sufficient? Another way to continue to build your network, gain referrals and leads and brand yourself is to take those words, “Thank You” and turn them into action words.

Listed below are ways that savvy networkers can effectively show gratitude and appreciation for their colleagues and counterparts.

Go the Extra Mile

If someone has taken time out of their schedule to meet with you, introduce you to a contact or give you professional advice, find unique ways of returning the favor. Invite them to a networking event as your guest and cover their charge if there is a registration fee. Send them a hand written thank you card and include a gift card. Continue to follow up with them and let them know your progress or advancement.

Spread the Good News

Take on the role of referring them to gain additional business or contacts. Write a testimonial or endorse them on social media outlets. Even if you are not a client or customer, you can comment on their willingness to help, professionalism, or how their resources/advice improved your business. If they have a blog or website, follow them and contribute positive feedback to their posts and online community.

Of course, it is always good etiquette to say, “Thank You” and show gratitude, but it is even better to show appreciation. Following these tips can greatly add value to meaningful relationships and make you memorable and trusted within your networking relations.