July 21, 2024


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NSE and BSE Sensex News – The Best Indicator of the Current Market Conditions

NSE and BSE Sensex News – The Best Indicator of the Current Market Conditions

The stock market of India comprises of Bombay stock exchange as well as National stock exchange. Though there are various other indexes, but these two are the key ones that accounts for most of the trading shares in India. There are almost 6000 companies enlisted in this stock market. Most of these Indian companies are multinationals and hence their performance in the stock market drags worldwide attention. Bombay stock exchange has a partnership with Deutsche Borse. In short these two indexes indicates the profit making as well as loss making of a company. In fact, there are the share-holder who are also connected to these. These shareholders buy stakes of the company and sell them when the market of that company is booming and the share prices are high. In fact, the amount of profit depends on the profit making of the company.

Since the market is very unpredictable, hence the business news channels constantly bring regular updates on NSE and BSE sensex News to indicate the present market situations. Such news may not be important for many, but has great significance for share holders to decide when to sell their shares or which company share to buy. BSE is the most widely used market index in entire Asia, whereas NSE has Nifty as its market index.

In fact, NSE is mutually owned by various banks, insurance companies, financial institutions etc. As far as the present Indian stock market updates are concerned, the present world recession has badly hit the stock markets. In the mid day session everyone suffered severe losses. Nifty scored 2899 which indicates a down by 35 points, whereas the sensex showed 9496 which indicates a down of 125 points. Other than this, the BSE Midcap and BSE Smallcap also showed .5 percent and .2 percent loss, respectively. Other than the loss indications, all the sector trading indices are also showing a negative drop. All sectors like metal, oil and gas as well as banking sector showed substantial loss in the mid day trading session. Even the US market was worst hit by this recession. Companies like Asian peers, Nikkei and Straits Times suffered a loss of .23 to .6. Even the highly renowned Hang Seng suffered a loss of 3 percent.

Further NSE and BSE sensex news update showed a sign of improvement for Indian companies. Though things improved for the Indian companies in the ending session, the US peers still showed a down by 88 points with a score of 8130, and the NASDAQ was down with 13 points with a score of 1263. As for the Indian stock market, the sensex showed a gradual rise of 64 points and the Nifty ended the day with a decent gain of 15 points. Other than this, even the CNX Midcap and the BSE Smallcap improved with a rise of 1.6 and .2 percent respectively. Sectors like capital goods, realty, pharma also showed performance improvement. According to the recent NSE and BSE sensex News updates, the companies that were worst hit are Kriti, Cranes, KSB and Gujarat. On the other hand, the top gainers are Surya, Himadri, GSS and Ansal B.