April 23, 2024


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The Art of Better Packing

The difference between packing for touring and for moving
A friend of mine, a frequent traveler, decided to move to a new home quite recently. My first impression was – It will be easy for you. I said so for two reasons – one, he was used to living in different places and two, he knew how to pack quick and fast. This was unlike regular people like me, who need time when packing for a tour, and are liable to forget to pack a couple of things. My reasoning was, however, not true.

What I hadn’t realized was that packing or moving about as a traveler is immensely different than shifting homes. When you travel, it is for a short duration and you always know you are coming back to your same home. Shifting homes is a different ballpark altogether and being a traveler of any sort doesn’t make it any easier. When you have decided to shift homes, you must pack everything including fragile crockery, cumbersome almirahs, bookshelves and valuable items. It is a time taking process which is best left to professional packers and movers.

Ensuring it is done properly
You need to keep just a couple of things in mind for your move. This will ensure your goods are packed properly when moving.

  • Type of Packing Material – In my experience, packing material is more than using cardboards borrowed from neighbors and stuffing newspapers as cushioning. Your refrigerator and glass-door book shelves need wooden crates to prevent dents and breakages. Bubble wraps need to go around crockery and other breakable show pieces. When you choose your packing and moving vendor, make sure they are competent to take care of these things.

  • Quality of Packing Material – If you want your precious belonging to be safe over a long-distance move, don’t skimp on the packing cost. Ask the moving and packing team to get good material. You don’t need to be an expert to know the difference between good and bad. A simple visual inspection is sufficient in most cases. Otherwise just touch and feel to be sure.

  • Skill of the Packing Team – All good material is useless if the person handling it has no idea what he is doing. Ensure that you have checked the service record of the packers and movers. Thanks to the internet, this should be easy.

  • Taking Care of the Unknown – Even if you do everything correctly, there is a minuscule chance that something may be damaged en route. Do take care that you have insured your belongings. Almost all reputed movers have a tie-up with one or more insurance companies. You can, in all cases, negotiate for better rates.

Knowing You Have Mastered the Art
You may wonder if you to have mastered this art with the steps mentioned. The real answer to this is simple – If your belongings arrive safely to your new home, you have done it! It makes the pain you took over packing it properly so worthwhile.