July 20, 2024


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Understanding Dedicated IP Benefits For Your Dedicated Server

Understanding Dedicated IP Benefits For Your Dedicated Server

Understanding Dedicated IP Benefits For Your Dedicated Server

When searching for the perfect dedicated hosting server solution for your business or organization’s website, one crucial decision is whether to use a shared or dedicated IP address. 

Choosing a dedicated IP address brings several significant web hosting perks when operating a site on a dedicated server. This article will explore the five core advantages of procuring dedicated server hosting bundled with dedicated IPs.

Dedicated IP Address

Every device that is connected to the internet has a number, which is called an IP address. It allows data to be routed properly between devices.

With shared hosting, hundreds or thousands of websites may share a single IP address. With a dedicated IP address, only one website can access and control that address.

Dedicated servers almost always come with at least one dedicated IP address. This gives you sole ownership and control over that address.

Potential Benefits of a Dedicated IP Address

There are several compelling reasons why securing a dedicated IP address is strongly advised for most dedicated server setups and use cases:

  1. Greatly Improved Email Deliverability Rates

If your website sends emails routinely utilizing domain email addresses, sharing an IP address with other server users might create deliverability issues. 

Owning a personal IP address lets you manage your transmitting reputation. Emails from your domain are the only traffic sent from your unique IP, protecting your messages from random site deliverability concerns. This helps the email reach its receivers.

  1. Enhanced Server Control and Customization Potential

A dedicated IP address often unlocks more advanced server management capabilities and customization potential. 

With your IP, you can remotely administer, configure, and control your server much more extensively, upload extremely large volumes of files far more quickly via FTP, host a private Virtual Private Network (VPN), handle databases and large apps more efficiently, and satisfy many other niche hosting demands.

  1. Added Security and Protection from Other Sites

On crowded servers, malicious threats or exploits aimed at other sites residing on the same shared IP resources may accidentally impact innocent bystander sites, even if one site’s security is not directly relevant to the others. 

However, with your dedicated server IP address, your site exists in its logically separated space, isolated from other users, helping mitigate and minimize certain web hosting security risks.

  1. Broad Compatibility With SSL Certificates and HTTPS

While most conventional hosting server setups can now seamlessly use SSL certificates and HTTPS thanks to modern SNI web hosting technology, you may still require a dedicated IP address to use certain specialized SSL certificates correctly. It also completely resolves potential SSL conflicts with outdated or esoteric browsers.

  1. Ability to Conveniently View Site via IP

Thanks to having a dedicated IP address exclusively allocated to only your server, you can conveniently access your site in a web browser directly by IP address before DNS fully propagates. This delivers more flexibility and agility during web development and site migration across servers.

When is a Dedicated IP Address Necessary?

For most general informational websites with fairly mainstream hosting demands, securing a dedicated IP address remains optional, albeit still beneficial. However, obtaining your dedicated IP becomes especially essential for sites sending high email volumes, running ultra-custom web apps, hosting VPNs, gaming servers, or international audiences.


While a dedicated IP still qualifies as an optional value-added feature, it delivers enough potential benefits that nearly all site owners are likely better off securing a dedicated server hosting plan bundled with a dedicated IP. Just be certain to shop discerningly and select only tier-1 best dedicated server hosting providers boasting stellar infrastructure, performance, and reliability.