June 21, 2024


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Understanding White Label Reseller Hosting And Its Key Features

Extra income never hurts. Right?

Whether you are a web designer, blogger, a fresh start-up owner, or even a complete beginner, one of the most affordable ways to start an online business is Reseller Web Hosting India, also known as white-label Reseller Hosting. 

It is a straightforward business model that involves you choosing a trusted web hosting provider, purchasing your desired Windows and/or Linux Reseller Hosting packages, and selling them to your customers after rebranding them. 

In this blog, we will explain how exactly white-label Reseller Hosting works, what are its key features, and who should opt for it. 

What is White Label Reseller Hosting?

When an individual or a business rebrands the services or products of another company and sells them as their own, the process is known as white labelling. When the services we are referring to here are web hosting, it is called white-label Reseller Hosting. 

In white-label Reseller Hosting, you purchase the hosting packages from a web hosting company and rebrand them with the intention of selling them to your customers. Note that white labelling is done to hide the connection between a parent company and a reseller so that the resellers can earn profits by selling the hosting solutions as their own. 

Benefits of White Label Reseller Hosting 

  • Requires Low Investment 
  • Offers Impressive Recurring Income
  • Highly Scalable 
  • Set Your Own Profit Margin
  • Retain Old Customers and Attract New Ones

Key Features of White Label Reseller Hosting

Although the features of white-label Reseller Hosting depend on your parent hosting company, here are some standard features offered by almost all Reseller Hosting providers:

  1. Easy of Use Control Panel

With a Reseller Hosting account, you get an easy-to-use and efficient control panel that allows you to manage your customers’ accounts under a single screen. 

  1. Private Name Servers

Private name servers are very important in a Reseller Hosting business as they allow you to separate your business from your web hosting provider. This feature offered by some large web hosting companies is intended to offer complete anonymity to the resellers so that they can run their business independently. 

  1. Billing Integration

Dealing with recurring payments can be very hectic when running a reseller business. But thankfully, you can avoid this hassle by choosing a Reseller Hosting with WHMCS billing software. 

  1. High Scalability

When you are a beginner, it is good to start by offering simple and more common hosting plans, such as cheap Linux Reseller Hosting India. But when you want to grow your business, you need to expand your product portfolio by including a comprehensive range of hosting services.

 The good thing is that the best hosting providers allow complete hosting packages with tons of features that allow you to expand and grow your reseller business conveniently.

Final Words: Who is White Label Reseller Hosting For?

Web hosting has a very secure future. It will keep growing in demand as long as there is internet. Further, white-label Reseller Hosting is an excellent option to leverage the benefits of web hosting business cost-effectively white-label Reseller Hosting is an excellent option. 

Anyone with a simple budget and plan of action can start their own web hosting services by subscribing to a Reseller Hosting program by a reputed web hosting provider in India.