June 15, 2024


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Want to Make A Great Food Ordering App? Hook To These Inherent Features

Truly, online food ordering has created its worth as a separate industry segment in the recent years owing to the proliferation of websites and mobile app development. Moreover, it makes living highly easier for the busy individuals, saving up their time and changing the way they dine. As per studies, food delivery segment nearly makes up nearly 40% of the restaurant industry and that seems a good sign for investments in food ordering apps. If business owners in the restaurant industry want to stay competitive, it is obvious that they have to specialise their services and be different! No doubt, now, an on-demand food ordering app can be the best weapon for that. This article purposely articulates the features one need to include in such an app that will help restaurant owners to realise maximum benefits.

Customer Login or Registration

Users are needed to put in some basic details like name, address, phone number to create an account in the app from where he or she can order regularly. Thus, the journey of food ordering app begins with the feature of a sign-in for user registration which also helps owners to collect database of the customers. Tracking up personal details help them to spark up a great relationship with customers by providing personalised services.

Detailed menu with customisation options

The app too needs to put an extensive menu-card mentioning the food type, prices, servings, etc. of each item just like the way it is provided at the restaurant tables. To make the search for food easier, it is wiser to categorise the menu into various cuisine types and put a search button where customers can just type a name and find all about their favourite dishes. Further, if owners want to make their app better than the rest, they can include a feature for order customisation, i.e. customers can ask for some extra toppings or garnishing in their food.

Loyalty/Referral program

Many restaurants skip out this biggest characteristic of a food-ordering app which can help them to fetch more customers. By placing a reward program that will add up points to customer’s account every time an order is placed, owners can keep customers hooked on their app for all successive orders. Those reward points after a certain period can be redeemed by them for great offers or free meals. Referral schemes may also turn equally beneficial as it encourages the existing satisfied users to refer others and earn reward points for each referral, thereby raising the chances for the restaurant to gain more customers.

Payment flexibilities

Once a customer gets convinced with order placement the app, he or she looks for easy payment mode. An app must with number of options including cash, credit and debit cards are highly desired. Integrating other viable options for payments like net banking, mobile wallet like Apple Pay or Google wallet can offer added advantages by providing customer with greater convenience.

Restaurant dashboard

Not only the customers, but restaurant owners too shall reap out the benefits of online ordering from the app. It has to be built with a beautiful dashboard through which owners can manage food items list, orders, and customers well. While they can add, edit or change cuisines, add descriptions or images on the menu, they can also keep close track of the orders until their deliveries through it. Besides, owners can regularly check into the ratings or reviews bagged by their restaurants and work on any improvements if needed.

While a lot of apps with online food delivery are already making money and earned great reputation in the market, restaurant owners that want to sail on the same boats have to get on-demand services as their priority. These features with a premium focus on convenience and great speed of delivery can help owners harvest higher ROI benefits in no time.