July 24, 2024


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Create First Impression With Title To Your Presentation

Create First Impression With Title To Your Presentation

Every presentation should generate interest and arouse curiosity in order to keep the attention of audience and ensure that they will remember the key points of your message. However, the first thing to do is make sure you have an audience! Therefore, We you must always try to select a “catchy” title that will make people want to hear what you have got to say. We notice in many Presentations, that it was the largest crowd they’d had in ages…not because of the person making the presentation, but because the topic/title of the program sounded interesting or unique.

1. Important criteria: When selecting a title for any presentation, keep the following criteria in mind:

#Does it stress benefits, results, or action?

#Does it stress WIIFM?

#Does it reflect the theme of the presentation?

#Does it elicit drama, mystery, or controversy?

#Does it stimulate the imagination?

#Does it have a double meaning?

#Does it play off a well-known title or phrase?

#Is it easily remembered? Bottom-line…does it sound like something you don’t want to miss?

2. Best Hint:

Having kept these points in mind, your vision about your presentation subject certainly helps you to create a suitable TITLE. Take hint of the headlines in a Newspaper that reflects a whole summary of the story. At the same time Newspaper headings try to attract the readers and motivate them to read the story. Same logic applies here for Presentations also to give a memorable title to the presentation.

3. Steps:

First list out few initial captions suitable for your presentation. Secondly, keep changing the titles as you get ahead with the preparation of presentation. Finally select two alternative titles that look short [few words] but convey your powerful message -one for using as main title and the other for content summary title.

4. Quick Tips:

1. Focus on three key points of your message to prepare Presentation title.

2. If you try to communicate more than three points, people will remember nothing.

3. Write down everything you remember from the last presentation on the same subject.

4. State your most important message first [ don’t bury your main message ]

5. Messages that come out of your Title need to be shorter, simpler, and less complex

While finalizing your Presentation Title keep in view the following quotation:

Great minds discuss ideas; Average minds discuss events; Small minds discuss people. – Eleanor Roosevelt