June 16, 2024


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Increase Qualified Traffic and Sales With Article Marketing

The article marketing process is quite simple. You write articles and submit them to article directories where they are read by a broad variety of readers. The links from your author resource box drive traffic to your website.

Article Marketing Breakdown

E-zines, newsletters and content sites help build your online exposure. They create backlinks that increase your link popularity and page rank. Backlinks generated per article often number in the hundreds.

Articles ensure the traffic directed to your website is qualified and highly targeted. Readers who click the link in your author resource box are already in the first stages of making a purchase. Be the expert they’re in search of and share valuable information about the product they’re currently researching.

Article marketing experts recommend publishing 3 to 5 articles per week on a variety of topics related to your website. Within three months your marketing campaign will create thousands of links back to your business. Qualified and highly targeted links created through article marketing direct interested parties to your business.

Speak Directly to Your Target Market

Articles must be precise and to the point. The voice of each article will vary but the facts must always be present and easy to read. Each reader needs to feel like you’re talking directly to them.

Your target audience is already looking for information about your products. Provide them with the information they seek. Speak directly to them and reassure them that the product you promote is the one they need.

Don’t turn your articles into sales pitches. One of the most common misconceptions is that an article marketer sells with the use of articles. Most article directories do not allow direct selling via articles.

The purpose of an article marketing campaign is to raise page rank and SERP while informing consumers. Sales pitches are specifically declined by 95 percent of article publishers. They want information and content, not sales letters.

Your sales information is best left for the website itself. Share valuable information with your readers and then let them decide if they want to click to visit your website. The process is best known as pre-selling, not selling.

Generate Thousands of Backlinks

Article distribution companies work in conjunction with thousands of article publishers. Publishers themselves simply provide a place for articles about certain topics to be published. The distribution company’s role is to ensure each article meets the requirements set forth by each individual publisher.

Choosy publishers will not publish your article if it reads like SPAM. Your marketing articles serve as quality content for their e-zine. They don’t want sales pitches and irrelevant information that doesn’t attract visitors.

If publishers choose not to publish your article, you’re only hurting yourself in the long run. Each article that doesn’t get published is one backlink that you don’t receive. Wasted effort is wasted time.

Work Smart

Make sure each article you submit to publishers gets published. Don’t cheat yourself out of valuable backlinks just for a few sales pitches here or there. Sales pitches do not reach out to your customers.

People rarely buy products from land sharks. Don’t be pushy. Use the article marketing opportunity as a way to connect with the reader and share the information they need to make a purchase.

After an article is published, your work with it is complete. Search engines index it and direct readers to it based on keywords. The content of the article then takes over the job of referring people to your website.