May 20, 2024


Phenomenal Business

Managing Your Packaging Stock Levels

It may seem like a simple task but so many people make looking after their packaging stock levels very hard work indeed. A lot of companies still buy in their packaging supplies only when they have run out. This can leave you in the position of having goods ready to ship to customers, but no boxes to pack them in to.

Yet it may well be that your company produces a hundred items for sale every single week, so why not plan your packaging materials to meet this demand rather than risk running out?

Running out of packaging materials costs you time and money, particularly if you have to then send someone down to your local shop to buy more boxes or bubble wrap, as an example. Not only that, your local shop will be far more expensive for buying packaging materials than a specialist packaging retailer will be. And then you have the cost of the time of sending someone out to buy them as well.

Managing your packaging levels is very simple and easy to do, and only takes few minutes each week. Whilst you do not want to carry too much stock (You may have issues with space or cash flow), the last thing you want to do is run out of something silly, such as having lots of cardboard boxes but not having any packing tape to tape them up with!

Always check with your supplier as to the lead times on any unusual items that you may need to buy. Also it is a wise move to have another supplier as a back up for buying your packaging supplies.