June 16, 2024


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Networking Interference

As you navigate through your networking journey, you should realize the importance of having a networking plan. Being strategic, setting goals and following through are key components to being successful. But, many times even savvy networkers can get sidetracked in their objectives. Credit these instances to life changes, career modifications or exposure to new or unexpected opportunities. It is very essential that you stay focused on your networking agenda and find ways to mitigate these distractions.

Listed below are ways in which individuals can maximize on their endeavors and avoid various mishaps.

End Goal

Savvy networkers can sometimes miss the mark in their mission by the mere fact that they have not properly identified their end goal. For example, athletes prepare and train for their competitions. Networkers should consider a similar approach. Have a game plan in place with various means of reaching the intended target. Reach out for assistance and support from individuals within your networks. Definitely take breaks and use your time to re-evaluate and regroup in certain situations. Consider some of these questions below:

  1. Do I have metrics in place to measure my progress?

  2. Are these metrics reasonable and efficient toward my goals?

  3. What is my plan, if I steer off track?

  4. Which people in my networks can help me along the way?

Take Inventory

Along with having a solid plan, savvy networkers also need to take stock of their resources, assets, etc. Be aware of capital, social capital and other means for properly expanding your networks. Select the right groups and organizations to make the best connections. Attend events that align with your purpose and have the highest return. Polish your communication skills to be more effective in the relationship building process. Consider these questions below:

  1. How am I efficiently using my time, money, talents, resources, etc.?

  2. Do I have a way of monitoring my networks and communicating regularly?

  3. Am I aware of the key individuals and organizations in my networks?

  4. Am I offering / getting value through my connections?

Use these tips to improve your networking tactics. Create safeguards for reducing common disturbances. Take time to reflect on your advancement and make changes if necessary. Always aim to be consistent, responsive and active in building meaningful relations.