May 20, 2024


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Networking Tips – Share Knowledge

Successful networkers are constantly giving out ideas, resources and knowledge with others. They are aware that this type of exchange creates an environment for healthy social and business interactions. It can make individuals more comfortable offering leads or referrals. It can produce an increase in sales for business and opportunities with new or existing customers. Sharing knowledge can also establish common ground for developing long term relationships or ventures. It adds value and true meaning in networking.

Listed below are ways in which professionals, entrepreneurs and students can develop their networking through educational components.

Think Tanks

Join groups of like minded individuals on a weekly or monthly basis to brainstorm. Pick groups that are industry rather than interest based. Professionals should have similar backgrounds and experiences. The purpose of these sessions is to create ideas for better doing better business or sharing best practices. Learn from your business counterparts can be extremely instrumental in your networking endeavors.

During these Think Tank sessions, choose one individual to be the moderator. Before the session, create an agenda, so that the meeting is productive. Select the right amount of time for participants to share and express their ideas and thoughts. Thinks Tanks are just as effective face to face, online or by phone conference. Consider recording the meeting or posting notes to reinforce the ideas and suggestions from that meeting.


Forums are another platform for sharing and connecting with others. Although, they are not as focused as Think Tanks, they do offer many benefits. Forums are less structured and can provide a wide variety of knowledge and ideas. They are not necessarily industry based and can focus on business or social interests. They can also involve a larger group of people for more diverse and unique solutions and feedback. It can also create many levels of communication and interaction from the comments and ideas shared.

The most efficient forums are usually online or via email. Select questions or comments which are relevant to your networking objectives. Read through advice and suggestions and offer your expertise as well. Feel free to offer constructive criticism in a professional and respectful manner. Encourage continuous dialogue and interactions once you have gauged the interest level of the topic matter. Contribute to several forums and use that chance to expand your network. Stay connected to individuals who share similar thoughts.

Using these tactics and methods for sharing knowledge can be extremely beneficial. It can offer a platform for developing your social and business endeavors with like minded individuals.