July 24, 2024


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Networking Tips – Show Support

Networking Tips – Show Support

Power networkers focus their efforts on growing strong, viable and beneficial networks. They use their character traits, influence and communication skills to attract the right people and the right organizations. These power networkers also join professional and social groups to promote their brand, products and services. Another secret ingredient to the success of these networkers is their ability to show support within their networks. They are gifted in building quality short and long term relationships. They use etiquette, sensitivity to win friends. As well as implement aspects of trust and loyalty do business.

Listed below are ways in which professionals, entrepreneurs and organizations can impact their networks by supporting one another.

Be A Guest

Accept invitations to events that are sponsored or hosted by individuals and organizations within your networks. Showing this type of support can have tremendous effects. It can elevate your visibility within the business or social networks. It can continue to create good impressions and strengthen your brand. Attending an event can show a high level of commitment and loyalty. Your actions reinforce your image and words. Be dedicated to seeing the true success and achievements of your counterparts.

Various events can include, award or recognition banquets, fundraisers or general company events. As a guest, it is important to brush up on your etiquette cues and be professional in formal settings. Consider taking an etiquette class, reading articles online or reading books. Make sure you polish your 30 second speech and know how to properly introduce yourself. If an event involves a meal, brush up on your table etiquette dos and don’ts. Also focus on cultural etiquette if you are attending internationals functions.

Contribute Your Resources

Another way to show support is to contribute your resources on behalf of those in your network. This can be a financial contribution to an initiative, community cause or social/business campaign. You can also donate your time or expertise in the form of bartering or volunteering. These types of actions can also have tax incentives for you and your organization. Once again, showing support and being active can continue to strengthen relationships.

Follow through with your promises or pledges. Be available to assist and keep the communication lines open. Be clear and concise as to how you plan to contribute and get involved. These are all ways of improving your professional image.

Using these tips and suggestions can greatly impact the productivity of your networks. Taking an active role in showing interest and support can attract good social and business relations.