April 18, 2024


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Packaging Stock Levels

Always ensure you have enough materials for packing your package. This sounds so simple, yet in so many companies, large or small, some packages get sent out in packaging that is not ideal. Perhaps you had run out of the right size cardboard box? Or you had to use a mass of foam chips as packing, because you had run out of bubble wrap? Or worst case you taped the box up with sellotape as you had run out of packing tape.

Well you may still have managed to get your parcel out of the door, but all of the circumstances I have just mentioned are down to bad stock control.

To ensure you always have the right packaging to hand, you need to plan ahead. It is no use waiting until you are ready to send out your packages, before worrying about your packing materials. If this is the case it is often too late to avert a problem. If you are shipping a hundred items, then your customer expects to get a hundred, and not eighty just because you did not have enough packing materials in stock.

You need to think like a factory. A factory plans ahead and ensures it always has enough of the correct items in stock to assemble its products. The same applies to ensuring that your packaging stock levels are always at a sufficient.

Thinking about packing goods is often left to the last minute, yet it probably only takes quarter of an hour a week to stock check your packaging materials, then look at what has to be shipped and ensure you have enough to cover things. If not, then simply order in sufficient packaging materials.