June 16, 2024


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The Importance of Using Recyclable Packaging

The packaging of a product or item is used to make the transportation, trading and carrying the item easy and safe but what happens to it once it has done its job? It is either left as a waste material or recycled to make it usable for another time. Most of the time recyclable materials like corrugated plastics are used in packaging. Recycling of packaging is akin to bringing it back to life by giving it new shape, size and dignity to be used again. Thus packaging like a corrugated box is recycled when it becomes waste to make it usable for one more term.

Importance of Recycling

Recycling of packaging is increasing day by day and according to an estimate, around 75 percent of used packaging that are made out of plastic, wood, glass or steel are used for recycling. Recycling not only makes the waste packaging usable again but also helps in saving our environment. Thus, recycling of packaging has become important for us and our environment both and we should apply it to our everyday lives fast as we are wasting packaging at much higher rate than ever. It is because society has become disposable consumers and thus, the packaging of recyclable materials like plastic containers are much in use these days than previous. The increase in use of packaging and its waste is due to several reasons such as:

– Increasing wealth with people had increased their purchasing power much higher than before and more purchasing means more waste packaging

– Increasing population on earth also help in adding waste material

– Increasing use of non-biodegradable product in packaging, due to advancement in technologies, had increased the demand of recycling of these packaging wastes

– Packed foods and fast food items are usually available in non-biodegradable packaging that are normally consumed by people, due to change in their life style, which had added to the waste

Importance of Using Recyclable Packaging

The recycling of packaging is important for two reasons, one for environmental reasons and the other for society:

1. Environmental reasons:

• Using recyclable packaging is important as its waste can impact negatively on our environment.

• Recycling of packaging will help in reducing the impact of harmful chemicals and green house gases released on the sites of waste dump

• Using recyclable packaging also help in reducing the destruction of forestation on our planet that may cause more in increasing global warming and destruction of environment

• Moreover recycling process needs much lesser energy than producing a new product of that kind hence recycling also saves energy and environment.

2. For people

• The increasing use of corrugated plastic, corrugated box, plastic container and other recyclable packaging in cities had also increased the need of recycling of waste packaging.

• It is more in demand too for the reason of non-availability space for dumping the non-biodegradable waste.

• It also helps in reducing the cost of production of packaging as new item costs higher than recycled one.

• Using recyclable packaging also helps in preserving the resources for future generations.