June 20, 2024


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Top Travel Nurse Jobs in Virginia

If you decide to become a travel nurse you can expect to take job assignments across the United States as being a travel nurse, you travel from one location to another, and one location you can end up in is in the state of Virginia. Top Virginia travel nurse jobs include being an RN nurse in Telemetry, Med/Surg, and emergency room. 

As a travel nurse, you will expect to have new workplace environments such as working and moving from hospitals, clinics, healthcare facilities, and schools. Travel nurses are in high demand so there can be no surprise that there are top travel nurse jobs in Virginia that are ready to be snatched up by qualified registered nurses who want the added adventure of working in Virginia. 

Registered Nurse Salary in Virginia

If you are a registered nurse (RN), you should know that Virginia ranks number 6 out of 50 states in terms of registered nurse salaries. As of August 7, 2021, for an RN in Virginia, the average annual salary is approximately $61,378. As an RN in Virginia, you can get about $29.51 per hour. That is about $1,180 per week or $5,115 per month. 

As an RN in Virginia, you can see that your average salary range can vary greatly as much as $25,937, which means that in Virginia there are plenty of work opportunities for you for advancement. You can also expect an increase in salary based on your skill level, location, and years of experience. 

Top Cities with Highest Paying Jobs for Registered Nurses in Virginia

  1. Dumfries – $30.70/hour
  2. Richmond – $29.66/hour
  3. Alexandria – $29.58/hour
  4. Stafford – $29.18/hour
  5. Virginia Beach – $28.54/hour
  6. Arlington – $28.24
  7. Woodbridge – $28.12/hour
  8. Winchester – $27.89/hour
  9. Charlottesville – $27.27/hour
  10. Crewe – $26.72/hour

How much does a travel nurse make in Virginia?

The average annual salary for a travel nurse in Virginia is $89,912, as of August 7, 2021. To be a travel nurse in Virginia, you can expect an hourly pay of $43.23, a weekly pay of $1,729, and a monthly pay of $7,493. You should also be glad to know that out of 50 states nationwide for travel nurse salaries, the state of Virginia ranks number 4. 

What are the Highest Paying Cities for Travel Nurse Jobs in Virginia

Where are the highest paying travel nurse jobs? In Virginia, the top city to be a travel nurse is Arlington, followed by Hampton and Norfolk in second and third place respectively. The city of Arlington has a very active travel nurse job market, so if you are a travel nurse there are plenty of job opportunities waiting with many companies eagerly hiring travel nurses. 

List for the Top 10 Highest Paying Cities for Travel Nurse Jobs 

  1. Arlington – $51.44/hour
  2. Hampton – $49.27/hour
  3. Norfolk – $48.06/hour
  4. Roanoke – $45.15/hour
  5. Alexandria – $45.10/hour
  6. Fredericksburg – $44.85/hour
  7. Newport News – $43.83/hour
  8. Richmond – $43.30/hour
  9. Lynchburg – $41.25/hour
  10. Charlottesville – $41.10/hour

Top Travel Nursing Jobs in Virginia

  1. Telemetry – Lynchburg, VA
  2. Med/Surg – Richmond, VA
  3. Critical Care – South Hill, VA
  4. Emergency Room – South Hill, VA
  5. Labor and Delivery – South Hill, VA
  6. Med/Surg – South Hill, VA
  7. Post Anesthesia Care Unit – Falls Church, VA
  8. Telemetry – Farmville, VA

Why Choose Virginia for a Travel Nurse Job

There are many who will be envious if you choose to go to Virginia to be a travel nurse. Virginia has many natural wonders which makes anyone proud to be a resident there. There is Virginia beach which is a popular seaside resort town that is full of fun attractions and a strong military tradition. A trip to this coastal area would not be complete without an evening spent tasting the fresh seafood from the nearby Chesapeake Bay. 

Virginia is also full of natural wonders that after a hard day’s work, you can marvel and enjoy the view of the Appalachian mountains, the Shenandoah Valley. For leisure time and nightlife, you can enjoy Virginia’s many wine tours such as in the Abingdon Vineyard for their delectable late harvest wines and a tour of the Blue Ridge Highlands.

Virginia is also rich in history so you can always visit the Virginia Civil War Museum, and Colonial Williamsburg, America’s largest living history museum.