July 20, 2024


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Why Does Your Restaurant Need an Insulated Food Server?

Why Does Your Restaurant Need an Insulated Food Server?

The hospitality industry is especially busy this time of the year. The holidays are here which means that many people are going on vacation. Thus they tend to go to restaurants more often. Hotels and restaurants have to stock up on various food products to keep up with the demand of the customers. Consequently, they would need more facilities to keep the food items fresh and ready to serve at the correct temperature.

I want to focus on food servers especially insulated food servers and why your restaurant would need one. How would it benefit your restaurant during the holiday season?

The Front Loader Food Server accommodates all third, half and full size standard food pans. Therefore, you can store most of your dishes in this type of kitchen unit. Any full size insert can be replaced with two half-inserts or three third-inserts so that you can maximize storage space inside this handy catering equipment. You don’t have to limit yourself to certain dish sizes when preparing your dishes.

The main benefit with Insulated Servers is that it maintains the correct serving temperatures. The food is kept at an optimal temperature constantly until it is ready to serve. You can opt for either a warm temperature or set it at a cooler temperature depending on the dish. This setting makes it a versatile kitchen equipment suited for any busy restaurant kitchen. The double end loader allows hot and cold food to be stored in two separate compartments. These compartments have wheels for ease of movement.

The Front Loader version is stackable for easy storage and convenient transporting. For a catering business, this is very useful. If you have a need for many food servers, you can purchase more than one and stack them to limit the space they take up. There are also other varieties of Food Servers available that are stackable such as the Top Loader Food Server and the Single Food Server unit. These units are suitable for small to medium sized restaurants and they are ideal as back up food storage for larger restaurants.

Insulated Food Servers are useful units of catering equipment that enable you to keep your food dishes at a constant temperature, whether it is warm or cool. You can prepare the food dishes in the morning and store them in the food server ready to serve at any time during the day at the correct temperature.