June 20, 2024


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Sex Positions – Finding the Perfect Angle, No Matter What He’s Packing

The number one thing most guys worry about in the bedroom is the size of their penis. Is it too big, too small, or just right? Are these positions working, or doesn’t she feel anything at all? Did she just wince? Is the penis too big for this position? While a guy who fits snugly in the average or medium size category may feel like he’s getting the short end of the stick (pun intended) these gents may actually have an advantage over men who fall into the other extremes, as everything just works with an average sized penis. However, regardless of the penis one was born with, a guy can learn how to use his size to his advantage by choosing the perfect position to highlight his assets. Whether the penis is on the small side, or he is hung like the proverbial horse, check out these hand-picked positions to a better sex life. And remember, no matter what the size, the right penis care is essential for enjoying the best possible sex life.

Positions for the Less-Endowed

Men who aren’t packing as much in their pants as their counterparts need not worry; they can still rock their partner’s world by choosing the right sexual positions. Try these on for size.

  • Missionary with a lift: This classic position is anything but vanilla when the woman places a pillow under her hips and places her feet on her man’s chest or shoulders. Opening up the pelvis and offering a slight tilt puts the penis on a direct path to that ever-elusive g-spot. Jackpot!

  • Merry-Go-Round: While performing woman-on-top, have her sit up and gyrate her hips in a circular motion rather than a thrusting motion. This adds extra sensation for her and reduces embarrassing slippage for him.

  • Downward facing doggie style: Modify this enter-from-behind position to make it more pleasurable. The man should open his legs wider while she closes hers tightly, the woman should also rest her head and shoulders on the bed.

  • The Sexy V: With the woman lying on her back, the man lifts her legs up in the air and — holding onto her ankles — spreads her legs wide into a V. He then enters her; this position allows for deep penetration.

Positions for the Well-Endowed

Sure, most every guy wishes for a bigger Johnson, but when it comes down to it, sometimes one can have too much of a good thing. A larger manhood can cause some women pain and make certain positions difficult and unpleasant. Have no fear, however; there are positions especially suited for the man with a little more down below.

  • The Chair: This position can be done in bed, but works better with an actual chair. With the man sitting down, the woman should straddle him facing him and use her thighs to glide up and down his member. This allows the woman to control depth and speed, and reduces his ability to accidentally thrust too deeply causing pain.

  • The Reverse Chair: The exact opposite of the chair, the woman straddles the man facing away from him and goes to town. Having an actual chair will allow her to have more leverage and control and take some of the pressure off her thigh muscles.

  • Extra foreplay: Okay, not a position in itself, but if a woman is not turned on enough, it is sure to be uncomfortable. So spend a lot of time engaging in foreplay to be sure she is ready to go. Also, enter slowly and use lots of lube to help make it more comfortable.

  • The Thigh Master: Another workout for the lady, but it keeps her in control. In this position, the man lies on his back and pulls his knees up. She then straddles him facing away and wraps her legs around one of his thighs and bounces away – she can use his leg for leverage and be in control of how deeply he is thrusting, making this position more comfortable.

Keeping the Penis Ready for Action

Regardless of size, a man needs to make sure his rod is ready to go. Utilizing a penis health cream (health professionals recommend Man 1 Man Oil) will ensure the penis is receiving vital nutrients to keep it healthy. Additionally, selecting one with vitamin E and Shea butter will ensure it is silky smooth and ready for her to get up close and personal with it!