April 15, 2024


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Speed Networking on Twitter

Speed networking is not just for face to face events. Professionals can benefit greatly and make plenty of connections from online speed networking. Social media outlets can be a source of more referrals, leads and opportunities. The online platform makes it more flexible to connect with more people at anytime, from any location.

Login or setup a Twitter account and start following individuals and companies. Pick a diverse group which range by location, industry, product/service, etc. Also, connect with family, friends and colleagues.

Once you have set up your account, create a few lists. List key words that relate to your business or career. Create another list of types of businesses or companies you have worked with or worked for in the past. Create another list of key words of products and services that you use or offer. Once you have your lists in order, grab your timer. Set the time for 60 seconds. Next step is to type in your first key word in the Twitter search box. A list should appear and follow the top 5 in the list. Look for overlapping followers or networks. Next, clear the search box and type in another word from your lists and repeat the process.

Hopefully, from this exercise, you are able to build your social media platform. Look out for those companies or individuals which start following you. Send out a tweet or message thanking them and introducing yourself. Use key words which represent your brand, personality, business or professional/social ambitions. Mention your commonalities and shared interests and purposes for staying connected.

The engagement process is going to be the key factor in your speed networking success. Be consistent and follow feeds and trends. Expand your networks and re-tweet, mark favorite and reply to posts that are relevant. Learn to support and promote your followers.

These tips on speeding networking can greatly enhance your endeavors and goals for creating more connections online.